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Password Length Chart - Data 04/02/2016

Of the passwords recovered from the hash list, 76-percent of them contained 1-8 characters, thus, only 24-percent of them were more than 8 characters in length.

The Chemical Composition Of Pv Protective Glass Chart - Data 02/02/2016

Recent developments in climate change have increased the frequency of dust storms in the Middle East. Dust storms significantly influence the performances of solar energy harvesting systems, particularly (photovoltaic) PV systems.

Asteroid Spectral Classes Mean Albedos Chart - Data 28/01/2016

there is a rough correlation between albedo and taxonomic spectral class: asteroids in the C/G/B/F/P/D spectral classes have mean albedos of about 6%, while those in the S/A/L classes have mean albedos of about 20%