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Barstow conserved just below 9 percent, Adelanto reported 6.2 percent in savings, Oak Hills residents conserved at a rate of 5.9 percent and Victorville showed conservation of 1.7 percent above efforts made in 2013

Conservation Efforts In California Chart - Data Data

Oak Hills5.9%

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Data Source:Conservation down again in December - News - VVdailypress.com - Victorville, CA

Data Description: SACRAMENTO — Californians reduced water use by 18.3 percent in December, marking the third straight month that Governor Jerry Brown's statewide mandate of 25 percent wasn't met, according to data released by the State Water Resources Control Board.The subpar numbers were expected, however, because opportunities to conserve water in winter aren’t as plentiful as they are in spring and summer when outdoor water use is higher, and the state — at 25.5 percent — remained

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