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Latvia Fresh Cut Flowers Market Chart - Data 09/03/2016

In 2015 Latvia imported fresh cut flowers in the amount of EUR 9.8 million . In turn, exports value of flowers reached EUR 6.8 million, which is an increase of 69.5 %, compared to 2014. .

Land Bank Of The Philippines Loans Chart - Data 09/03/2016

The Land Bank of the Philippines released over P384 billion in loans to priority sectors in 2015, representing a record-high share of 88.3 percent against the total loans of P434.8 billion to all sectors. Agribusiness loans grew by 65 percent to P45.4 billion from P27.5 billion in 2014

Fine Wine Market Share Chart - Data 09/03/2016

Italy has overtaken Burgundy as the regional group with the second-highest average monthly trade share after Bordeaux, with 6.7% of the market compared with Burgundy’s 5.9% share

US Kazakhstan Trade Chart - Data 08/03/2016

In 2015, , bilateral trade volume reached $2.78 billion (3.7% of total turnover, export amounted to $2.66 billion and imports to $129,000) – the fifth place after Russia, China, Italy, the Netherlands and France

Indiana Popcorn Production Chart - Data 18/02/2016

Popcorn production in Indiana fell by 29 percent last year because of less demand following bounty crops the two previous years and from frequent rains that flooded some fields

Kenya Tea Exports Chart - Data 18/02/2016

Kenya earned Sh125.5 billion from tea exports, a 23 percent increase from the Sh101 billion raked in from the sector in 2014

Bombardier Revenue Chart - Data 18/02/2016

Revenue last year fell to US$8.3-billion from U$9.6-billion and the order intake slumped to US$8.8-billion from US$12.6-billion

Oil Companies Profit Decline Chart - Data 12/02/2016

While most oil companies are struggling to cope with lower selling prices, 60% of Exxon's 2015 earnings actually came from segments that benefited from lower crude prices

Vietnam Exports 2015 Chart - Data 10/02/2016

Last year Vietnam yielded a total export turnover of US$6.9 billion from wood and wooden products, up 10.7 percent over the previous year

US Apparel And Textile Imports Chart - Data 10/02/2016

US apparel and textile imports grew 7% between January and December to reach 63.52bn SME, up from 59.37bn SME in the prior year

Exports Of Pakistani Citrus Fruits Chart - Data 10/02/2016

Citrus fruit, fresh or dried has peaked its exports of over $22 million – an increase of more than 168%

US Beef Exports Chart - Data 10/02/2016

Beef exports accounted for 13% of total 2015 production and 10% for muscle cuts only — each down one percentage point from a year ago

US Foreclosure Inventory Chart - Data 10/02/2016

While this is positive for the housing market overall, it also drives a decline in the inventory of affordable for-sale homes

Yearly Tablet Shipments Chart - Data 10/02/2016

Pure slate tablets (like the iPad) fared worse than the category as a whole, down 21.1 percent compared to the same period in the previous year

Peru’s Quinoa Exports To The UK Chart - Data 10/02/2016

That surge followed 76 per cent growth in 2014, and almost double the year before that.

Most Stressful Aspects Of Home Buying Chart - Data 10/02/2016

Here are the options voted for by home buyers when asked by Tepilo's researchers which aspects of the buying/selling process they find the most stressful (people were allowed to choose three options)

Tax Burden By Country Chart - Data 09/02/2016

Taxes made up 26 percent of the total U.S. economy in 2014, according to the 34-nation Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. That measure looks at the entire tax burden, which is different than tax rates that can be gamed through loopholes, deductions and credits.

America's Housing Market (All Areas) Chart - Data 09/02/2016

It is quite clear that, despite the collapsing of the real estate bubble during the Great Recession, some of America's largest real estate markets have become increasingly unaffordable by a median family with house prices approximately 75 percent higher relative to income than they were before the real estate bubble formed

America's Housing Market (Metro Areas) Chart - Data 09/02/2016

Here is the summary for affordability in America's major metropolitan markets (population over 1 million).

Value Added By Graduates In US Cities Chart - Data 05/02/2016

Showing Metros with the Most Value Added

Crude Steel Output By CIS Countries Chart - Data 05/02/2016

According to the recent data published by the World Steel Association (World Steel), the crude steel production by Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) dropped marginally by 2.4% during the month of Dec ‘15 year-on-year.

Types Of Payment For US Home Buyers Chart - Data 05/02/2016

Nationally we see 30 percent of all buyers are cash buyers whereas only about 16 percent are FHA buyers

Tourism Employment In Scotland Chart - Data 04/02/2016

In total 17.29 per cent of the jobs in the Scottish regions of Lochaber, Skye and Lochalsh; Arran and Cumbrae; and Argyll and Bute were in the tourism industries, followed by 16.36 per cent in Blackpool and 15.49 per cent on the Orkney Islands. In contrast, just 4.92 per cent of people work in tourism in Bedford

Australia Education - Tourism Exports In 2015 Chart - Data 04/02/2016

Export revenue from international students, driven by , has soared 13 per cent in 2015 to make education a $20 billion export industry.

Indonesian People Are Excluded From Banking Products Chart - Data 04/02/2016

Fifty-three percent of the Indonesian people are excluded from banking deposit products and 83 percent are excluded from financing products

Canada Head Offices Across The Country Chart - Data 04/02/2016

Using data from a Statistics Canada survey on head offices across the country, the council reported that “Metro Vancouver has room for improvement if the region wants to ‘punch at its weight’ compared to other major cities across Canada.” In 2013, the year of the survey, British Columbia was home to approximately 12 per cent of the 2,773 head offices in Canada, a number roughly in line with its share of the national population

Vietnam Rice Exports Chart - Data 04/02/2016

The rice exports were shipped at 127 million USD in FOB value and 135 million USD in CIF value, up 39 and 42.5 percent, respectively

2-Bedroom Share Of Rental Stock (US Cities) Chart - Data 02/02/2016

Regardless of cost, families with children wanting to rent in cities often can’t find units large enough to accommodate them.

Median Gross Rent % Of Income In US Cities Chart - Data 02/02/2016

Families opting to rent are seeing costs climb, particularly in booming cities.

Median Family Income In US Cities Chart - Data 02/02/2016

Note that a large segment of families -- particularly young couples just starting out -- aren’t quite earning the median income.